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Called the “Death Race,” the race is a celebration of the human potential.  The most difficult race in the world, not only for its physically demanding challenges, but also for those designed to frustrate and confuse you.

This race will change your life if you are courageous enough to commit today.

$60 - $80

You will be challenged to see how many times you can complete a marked loop course within a 6-hour time limit. Each loop will cover ten miles of mind, body and technique testing terrain incorporating classic GMT standbys and recently hand-built gnar. In the spirit of all Peak races, this is an opportunity to test your limits.

June 25th, 2021 @ 6:00pm

Envision a military-style boot camp for kids ages 8-17 enduring 7 days of incredibly difficult work.
They’ll be working with veterans from Mt. Warfare school, Olympic wrestlers, and Ivy League horticulturists.
Guests include philosophy instructors, writers, and artists.

But don’t be fooled this is more like Shackleton’s Endurance than a summer camp. Kids will be tired hungry and cold for 15-16 hours per day all in an effort to build true resilience and meet themselves. By the end of they’ll learn that anything is possible if they just do the work.

We turn children into adults.

June 1
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June 1
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September 1
Friday, June 25th
6:00pm | Pittsfield, Vermont
Tuesday, July 20th
7:00am | Pittsfield, VT
Saturday, September 25th
9:00am | Pittsfield, VT
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